Jungle vine bag - netty natural


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Beautiful, sustainable Nature Bags are an engineering marvel, stretchy and strong, capable of carrying large volumes without crushing.

Indigenous Khmu artisans gather JungleVine (Islobata phaseoloides) from the forests around their villages, strip the pulp from the fibres, spin them by hand and tie them into bags. From vine to crafting, it takes about two weeks to create each piece. 

JungleVine grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. It improves the soil where it grows and purifies the air, making it beneficial to the planet at large. 

Organic vegan JungleVine supplies the base material for Khmu artisans to create Nature Bags, the most ecofriendly bags on earth. It is a product that can provide an entire people - the Khmu - with a sustainable livelihood. 

Homemade in Laos. Organic. Vegan. 

To care for your Nature Bag: Blot with a clean damp cloth, hang with a weight inside to air dry. 

Approx 47cm long, 55cm wide when stretched to full size.